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Pray for the coming day. Pray for persons, families, who need the healing and compassionate care of Jesus, especially for ___________________________ . Dear God and Father, You who mother us with your mercy, and gentle us into peace with your consolation, console us in all our suffering and affliction So that we may be able… Read more »

Evening- Week One

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Closing the day with gratefulness. It is a good thing to give thanks to the LORD, And to sing praises to your Name, O Most High; To tell of your loving-kindness early in the morning And of your faithfulness in the night season. Psalm 92:1,2 As I come to the end of this day, For… Read more »


& responding-day.

  Pray for the coming day, and for God’s servants who are bringing good news, healing and hope in the world, especially for ___________________________ (persons you desire to pray for). Loving God, You are Lord of the harvest, and Owner of the farm. Thank you for calling _____________________ to co-labor with You in the field… Read more »


& responding-day.

Pray for the coming day. Pray for persons throughout the world who are poor, needy, suffering injustice and oppression and for those persons who are serving to bring relief, healing, hope, especially _________________________. Lord Jesus Christ, You who knew the Spirit of God upon and within you, the anointing of God as you brought good… Read more »

Morning- Week Four

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Opening the day with prayer. As darkness fades and dawn awakens Lord, give me the joy of your saving help And sustain me with your bountiful Spirit. In the tender light of morning Help me as I pray. In the name of Jesus, bright and morning star. Amen. Morning by morning God wakens– wakens my… Read more »


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Prayer for crossing the threshold         Loving God, As I turn my attention to You Still my anxious mind; Draw me into the house of my soul Where you make your dwelling; Bend my heart to stay . . . and to listen. Amen Silence Be still. Open your awareness  to God’s presence Within and all… Read more »


& responding-day.

Pray for the coming day. Be attentive to what you struggle with, where you face challenge, difficulty, experience weakness, darkness, uncertainty—how it affects you personally, and your ministry. Bring your struggle to God. Pray for God’s servants who are serving in challenging and difficult places this day, especially for _____________________. Lord Christ, You see us… Read more »


& responding-day.

Pray for the coming day. Pray for your local congregation, and for the work of the Spirit of Christ in its midst. The apostle Paul’s prayers for the church offers guidance for our intercession: O God, You who give abundantly out of your glory, Give us strength in our inner being. Holy Spirit, You who… Read more »

Twenty-Sixth Week after Pentecost

& archive, Year C.

Lord Jesus Christ, You call us to come To be with you, To hear your voice To listen deeply to what you say, To see what you do. By your Spirit help me To see you, To hear your voice, To follow you in all of life, In the way of God’s gracious reality. Amen… Read more »