& responding-day.


Pray for the coming day. Pray for persons, families, who need the healing and compassionate care of Jesus, especially for ___________________________ .

Dear God and Father, You who mother us with your mercy, and gentle us into peace with your consolation, console us in all our suffering and affliction So that we may be able to console those who suffer with the comfort and care we receive from you.

By your kind Spirit, be present with those who suffer and are crushed. Breathe your comfort and consolation upon the dry ground of their despair. Through your grace and saving love, surround them with your protection, give them healing and restoration.

In the name of Jesus, our Healer and Burden Bearer. Amen.

*Based on 2 Cor.1:3-5


Pray for the coming day, and for the persons whom God has called to minister and give oversight in the church, the body of Christ.

Dear God,
You are at work this day.
Help us, your servants, to pay attention to your presence
And what you are doing. Pry us loose from our own agenda,
tight schedules, strategic outcomes.
Wash the lens of our hearts, to see you —
to wait with you; to listen as you listen
to feel the gentle breeze of your Spirit breathing among persons
who sit in the shadow of death;
to speak as you give words,
to touch with gentleness; we are your hands;
to be hospitable within to your good news, and
happy in its overflow in word, touch, and being.
To see evil as you see–all that blocks, stifles, robs,
and destroys, and yet to stand in trusting hope–
in you, Lord Christ, who died to set us free from
sin’s power to rob us of life, faith, hope, and love.
Help us to love ourselves, and so in turn to love others;
to welcome the pilgrim and neighbor within our own soul,
and so not to be a stranger to ourselves, or to others,
but in offering welcome and shelter to our own hungers
we may learn the way of offering welcome and shelter
to those who are searching, hungry, sick, in prison,
alone, naked, and thirsty: for this where you dwell.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Loving God, Help me to hear your guidance
To listen deeply to your voice.
Awaken my mind and soul to your work
Within and among us through the Holy Spirit.
Help me not to run into busy avoidance.
Bend my heart to stay . . . and to love.
Help me to see as you see, and so
To walk your gracious ways in this world. Amen.