Second Sunday after Epiphany

& archive, Year C.

Lord Jesus Christ,
You see how bent over we are
Under the weight of the world’s habits.
Unburden us
Clear the path within our soul
Lift up our heads to see you
Our hearts to love you
And welcome You.

Second Sunday after Epiphany

Beginnings: the first sign–at a wedding.
A wedding is a beginning, and a symbol which points to another joining:
the coming together of God and his bride.

Dear Lord,
We too are invited
To the wedding
With expectations to be sure
We have all kinds of ideas about how weddings should be –
The guest list
The place
The order of wedding service
The wedding party
The dress!
The cost
The pictures.

As we join you here in Cana
We are served wine
And the local expectation is
That we will drink
Until we get drunk
And then the host serves cheap wine
–budget saving matter –
because no one will notice the difference.

Lord Jesus, you invite us to your wedding,
But we come already drunk – with false expectations.

Open our ears to your voice —
In John
In Jesus
Your voice speaking
Inviting us to the great celebration
The way of your love and presence among us
Poured out into clay jars of our lives
And transformed into wine
As we live your love among us.

Second Sunday after Epiphany

1/14 Monday: John 2:1-11
1/15 Tuesday: John 2:1-11
1/16 Wednesday: Psalm 36:5-10
1/17 Thursday: Isaiah 62:1-5
1/18 Friday: Isaiah 62:1-5
1/19 Saturday: John 2:1-11
1/20 Sunday: John 2:1-11