Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost: Week 14 in Ordinary Time

& archive, Year B.

Lord Jesus Christ,
You call us to come
To be with you,
And to learn trust, faith.
By your Spirit help me
To see you,
To hear your voice in the midst of trouble.
Help me to follow you in all of life,
To walk in the joy and freedom of the resurrection,
Indwelt and led  by your Pentecost Spirit.

Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost: Week 14 in Ordinary Time

Our lectionary guide invites us to linger in Capernaum, on the west side of the Sea of Galilee, as Jesus continues to engage in conversation with the crowd which followed him here.

Listen deeply to this exchange as you enter the narrative in John’s gospel (6:35,41-41).

In the same way that the woman of Samaria (John 4) thought that Jesus was talking about literal water from the well, so the crowd thinks that Jesus is talking about bread and manna. Bread means bread: nothing more. They are unable to grasp the deeper symbolism here, or to discern the spiritual reality Jesus is speaking of.  This is how our human, limited thinking works.  It is the Spirit of God who comes to give us insight, to heal us of inner blindness so that we see and understand.

Jesus is who and what sustains us – God’s gift to us in this life, and in eternity. All who come to Jesus are accepted (v.37), and the faith to believe is also a gift of God, not something we can achieve on our own. It is the work of God to draw us to Jesus who finally gives us resurrection on the last day – that Great Day of God’s history-making (v.44).

As we listen to the final words of Jesus in this week’s passage, we hear echoes of the Lord’s Supper:

“I am the living bread that came down from heaven.
Whoever eats of this bread will live forever; and
the bread that I will give for the life of the world
is my flesh.” (v.51)

Jesus who comes among us – God embodied – speaks here of offering himself to God in his death; and in this offering he releases his life for the life of the world.

This is the bread that satisfies and stills the unceasing hunger of the our soul.

As we take Jesus words into ourselves, meditate on their content, and trust the Holy Spirit to help break open their meaning, we will discover that life-giving and transformative work of God within us – which in turn thrusts us out into the world, for the sake of the Gospel.

Prayer before reading:

Lord Jesus Christ,
You come to us
In the presence of the Holy Spirit.
Holy Spirit,
Help me to be aware of how you come,
To be hospitable to your help,
And  to your leading in the way of Jesus.

Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost: Week 14 in Ordinary Time

  • 8/6      Monday: John 6:35,41-44
  • 8/7     Tuesday: John 6:45-51
  • 8/8     Wednesday: Psalm 130
  • 8/9     Thursday: 2 Samuel 18:5-9,15,31-33
  • 8/10    Friday: Ephesians 4:25 – 5:2
  • 8/11    Saturday: John 6:35,41-44
  • 8/12    Sunday: John 6:45-51