Fifth Sunday of Lent

& archive, Year B.

 Prayer before reading:    

 Lord Jesus Christ,                   
You call us to come
To be with you,
And to bear the cost
Of giving up our false self.
By your Spirit help me
To see you,
To hear you,
To follow you in all of life,
To Jerusalem and


Read slowly. Listen deeply. Indwell the scripture.

Season of Lent:  Week Five

 John 12:20-33

The exuberant shouts of “Hosanna! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord – the King of Israel!” are still echoing in the streets and
alley ways of Jerusalem. But when some Greek proselytes – persons who come from a non-Jewish culture, but who have converted to Judaism – come to Jesus, he turns their attention to suffering –his suffering: what truly lays ahead for him, and for those who desire to follow him.

Here we too are called to turn – from exciting expectations – to the somber reality of how our desires come into conflict with our resistance to dying to our false self. If we find ourselves troubled, our lectionary guide leads us into a private place of prayer, where Jesus is pouring out his own troubled heart to Abba:

  “Now is my soul troubled . . .”  (John 12:27 ff)

Spend time with Jesus this week. Listen to him as he relinquishes his own desires and sees through the darkness (John 12:35,36) to the light. He owns himself as the Light, and calls us into that Light.  In his light we walk, relinquish what resists following.

Prayer before reading:

Lord Jesus Christ,
You come to us.
Help me to see as you see,
To recognize your presence
In the desert of Lent,
And to learn God’s way.

Season of Lent: Week Five

  • 3/19    Monday:  John 12:20-26
  • 3/20    Tuesday:  John 12:27-33
  • 3/21   Wednesday:  Psalm 51:1-12
  • 3/22    Thursday: Jeremiah 31:31-34
  •  3/23    Friday: Hebrews 5:5-10
  • 3/24    Saturday: John 12:20-26
  • 3/25    Sunday:  John 12:27-33