Easter Week 2

& archive, Year A.

As we enter the Easter narratives, we are in earthquake country. The ground is still shifting, the landscape we once knew is changing before our eyes.  This is resurrection world transforming the fault lines of death and its multiple layers of loss and separation, into the ground of God’s new creation—the great healing has now begun and is here among us, in the risen Jesus.

Of course, we don’t feel that – not yet. Like the early followers of Jesus we find ourselves abiding by the old rules:

Taking spices to the tomb to complete the burial of Jesus’ body. Rituals
of grieving and burial hold us in the earthquakes of death.
Rolling back the stone.

Weeping at the grave. Feeling the deep and agonizing hole within our lives
and our inner being. . . .

Shock and trauma because the body is missing.
Announcing the news to the “family”.
With Peter and John: running to the gravesite – to see what has been told us. Walking away, perplexed. What else can happen after all they had
been through?

With Mary Magdalene: Staying at the empty tomb — weeping , wondering, looking for the body. If only the body could be found. Loss upon agonizing loss.

Earthquakes invade and disrupt our inner landscape; destroy familiar places of hope and security. And so we find ourselves huddling and afraid in the upper room; doors locked for fear of after-shocks.

But it is through the walls and into these places of loss, trauma, life-wrenching grief, and loss of hope, that Jesus comes, and stands  among us, with us, saying:

“Peace be with you,” and breathing his Spirit upon us. He assures us that this is true, real, as he shows us his wounds.

In this season of Easter resurrection, we are called to wait for Jesus to come, to enter into those places where we wait and wonder. This is part of the  resurrection journey. We discover we are not in charge of the story – but that we are in the story, along with the followers of Jesus who also wait and wonder.

We are called to receive peace, the kind of peace Jesus brings, this side of the empty tomb. This is not the peace that the followers of Jesus hoped for—the kind of peace that comes from the Messiah triumphing over all earthly monarchs and political powers, waging war, being enthroned as supreme rule and king. So part of waiting and wondering is allowing the Holy Spirit whom Jesus breathes upon us to help us know—within our deepest being –what this peace is about. Walking in the resurrection is living into this peace, here and now, even as we wait for Jesus’ ultimate return.

For your reflection:

Where do you find yourself in these Easter resurrection days?

With whom do you identify in the gospel narrative?

How are you aware of Jesus making himself known to you?

What is your response?

Prayer before reading

Loving God,
As I come once more
To enter into Your Story
To be with others who know and follow Jesus,
Help me by your Spirit
Breathe your Spirit upon me
As I come, as I wait.

Read slowly. Listen deeply. Indwell the scripture.

Scripture Guide:

Second Sunday In Easter

4/25      Monday:             John 20: 19-23
4/26      Tuesday:             John 20:24-31
4/27      Wednesday:        Psalm 16
4/28      Thursday:            I Peter 1:3-9
4/29      Friday:                  Acts 1:14a, 22-32
4/30      Saturday:            John 20:19-23
5/1         Sunday:               John 20:24-31