As a part of this year’s goal for SGA, we as Co-Presidents are working to find new ways of communication between Student Government and the student body. One of these ways is by using President Swartzendruber’s model of regular updates. As representatives of the student body, we want to become a more transparent organization so that you as students know more about some of the things SGA is working on. So here goes:

We kicked off the year with our annual SGA Fall Retreat, where we brainstormed many ideas for the year and developed a vision for this year’s Senate. The Senate, full of energy and creativity, generated many great ideas that have directed our work so far.

As a way of being more intentional about hearing student ideas directly, we organized the Idea Drive which yielded many helpful suggestions that we either considered as a Senate or passed on to the appropriate department. Janelle Freed and Mariah Elliott did a great job of making this drive possible.

This year, Spirit Week featured new and exciting events, like the Water Balloon Frenzy and S’mores on the Hill. Special thanks to Heidi Bauman, Nels Akerson, Benjamin Bergey, Janelle and Mariah, among others.

Since SGA also provides funding to clubs, we have helped fund and support the biannual Student Leadership Conference with Student Life, activities for the Students for the Morally Responsible Investment of Israel/Palestine (MRI), the annual Take Back the Night event, and events for Res Judicata and Peace Fellowship. We are also excited to see the energy behind the Sustainable Food Initiative, a rising student club.

Things on the horizon:

  • An EMU pep band is in the making…stay tuned.
  • EMU-hosted Justice Summit, facilitated by Mayor Kai Degner—Nov. 13
  • Faculty forum—Nov. 16

As always, SGA is excited and open to hear what students have to say. Our office hours are posted on the SGA office door. Feel free to stop by to chat with a Senator, or send us an email at sga@emu.edu. Keep up to date with SGA happenings on our website: www.emu.edu/sga, and remember that our weekly meetings (Wednesdays at 9pm in UC 211) are open to all students.