Radin, Radin, Radin!

If you missed the big concert, one of the major things SGA did, along with CAC, was bring Josh Radin to Lehman stage. It drew nearly 500 people for a fun evening of music. Big thanks to Doug Wandersee for his epic coordinating abilities. Also on the concert kick, we helped bring in Hadestown, a folk opera by Anais Mitchell, along with various other departments.

In our continuing efforts to boost school spirit, we’ve been throwing t-shirts at basketball and volleyball games, as well as a raffle at half time for free EMU gear for students (special thanks to Sarah Beck and Matt Dean). We also organized a food drive to benefit Patchwork Pantry—thanks to Peyton Erb for her leadership.

Last Tuesday was the Join a Club Party in Common Grounds, where the USO (Union of Student Organizations) created a space for clubs to get their word out and encourage students to join. We hope this spring gathering of clubs can be a annual event.

Other SGA happenings:

  • Helping Maplewood students move into the renovated Elmwood
  • Funding Peace Fellowship to the Intercollegiate Peace Conference, and Sustainable Food Initiative to the Food and Farming Conference at Laurelville, PA.
  • Working with Campus Life and EMU Security to respond to safety concerns on campus
  • Volunteering at the Calling and Career Day, shout out to Amy Springer and Jen Litwiller for making this event happen

SGA is also beginning to work with a Strategic Plan as we dream and vision for how the SGA could look in the future. And as always, our meetings are open to everyone–Wednesdays at 9pm, UC 211/212.

Blessings during this mid-term week.