Greetings, friends!

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May 31st, 2013

And thank you for your interest in our travels and your prayers on our behalf over the past three+ weeks!

As the saying goes, “All good things come to an end.”  And our trip itself is now history.  We left our Jerusalem hotel at 1:00 AM Middle Eastern time on Saturday, May 25, and headed into a long, long, long, day (31 hours long, recouping the 7 hours we had “lost” on the trip east!) filled with airport passages, lots of waiting, and thousands of miles of air travel.  Thank God our flights were very safe.  We arrived at Washington Dulles International Airport late afternoon on Saturday.  And those of us returning to the Shenandoah Valley arrived back here several hours later, on Saturday evening.

Our experience was a rich one.  But it was not necessarily an easy experience.  There is much for us to ponder as we return to our homes, our congregations, and our everyday worlds.  We have, in many ways, returned as different people from the ones who left on Thursday, May 2.  Our collective and personal experiences along our journey have shaped us in significant, perhaps even profound, ways.  We have laughed together.  We have cried together.  We have shared and sung and prayed together.  We have learned much about the 1st-century world of Jesus.  We have learned much about the 21st-century world of Israel/Palestine.  And, by the same token, we have learned much about ourselves and our own calling into ministry.

We thank God for all of these experiences that we have shared together.  And we make ourselves available to share our stories with you, as opportunities present themselves.  Thanks again for your long-distance participation in our journey through your interest and your prayers!

Blessings to you all!


Dorothy Jean (for the group)      

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