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May 19th, 2013

Greetings Everybody!

View of Nazareth from the rooftop of our guesthouse Today was another marvelous day filled with new things to see, new smells, new sounds, new learning, heat, disorientation, reorientation, questions and many, many more things. We started the day by worshiping at the Greek Catholic Nazareth Church, which according to the tradition is the place where Jesus preached Luke 4:16. Although none of us completely grasped everything that was said during the service (we heard Greek, French and Arabic!) we were all spiritually fed and observing their liturgy was very enriching.

We had lunch in downtown Nazareth, and some of us tried shawarma for the first time and others tried falafels and kefta kebobs for the first time. After lunch we all felt like we could’ve taken a long nap, but we’re glad we didn’t because we headed to Mount Tabor which is celebrated as the Mount of Mount of Transfiguration Franciscan Church Transfiguration where Jesus underwent transfiguration. The Franciscan church that is on the mountain-top was spectacular and begged to be explored. We gathered for a time of historical conversations, scripture reading (Luke 9:28-36) and then we were invited to a time of meditation around the question “What does Jesus want us to listen to?” Lost in time, mediation and prayer we weren’t able to take many pictures, so we apologize for not uploading as many as you’d like to see.

We continue to pray for you all. Please pray for us as we deal with trying to make sense of everything we’ve seen, as we try to understand what our part is in all of this, and as we start to prepare to head back.

Peace be with you.

Anita Fonseca (for the group)


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