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May 5th, 2013

Dear God,

you promised in your word that you would give us a new heart and new spirit. I want my prayers to you to have power and bring change in your time not ours and this is my prayer for the world.

Looking forward into the light could be one of the themes for this trip as we continually search for peace for the people that live in the “Holy Land”. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Furst Jenkins and I attend Eastern Mennonite University. I am originally from New York City born and raised. No one could have ever told me a couple of years ago, that I would be sitting here in Bethlehem today, studying in a program called People, Places and Prayers. I entered EMU the Fall of 2011, and I can’t begin to tell you just how much studying at this University has changed my life. Writing this blog is a living testimony of just how much Gods really loves his children. Jesus is walking with us as we visit the places Jesus lived and worked during his life here on earth.

We have been in Jerusalem for the past two days, with an agenda that was full of grace and peace for the world. Once we arrived in Jerusalem we quickly found out that this was Easter Saturday and all major entrances would be block by the Israeli Police throughout the city, this also meant that there would be lots of tension. This would make it very difficult for us to move between the many communities that live here; three separate and very different religions struggling for the rights of life. My question is why do these three communities have so much tension between them? In my heart I know the confusion is over the rights to the land, and in proving this point we saw with our own two eyes how important it is for the some to have power over others. This makes no sense to me, it was very sad to watch.

Yesterday, the most holy day of any day in the year, we saw people stopped by the police and being abused in broad day light, even the women and children. I can’t understand why can’t there can’t be peace in the middle east. this precious land does not belong to man because everything belongs to God, we are on borrowed time. We all have our different ideas and beliefs but we need to be gracious to each other, I know that there will be moments where when can not agree, but we need to learn how relax and talk things through, when we encounter Jesus we need to be on our best behavior, not build walls of separation.Walking the Streets of Bethlehem at night on our first day there

We have visited several churches that have given all of us gifts of the spirit. We are a group of 14 members in one body of Christ; traveling together and becoming more of a family with every second of everyday, and I’m so grateful. From the onset this experience has been very special for all of us. As for me personally, I have been moved and touched in so many ways in this short amount of time that I excited to continue on this journey with my new family. In one there is one, but when there is more than one there is unity and peace, blessing to all and may God be with us


Furst Jenkins (for the rest of the group)

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