Old City Streets of Jerusalem

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May 5th, 2013


Today our schedule was packed full with visits in and outside the Old City Streets of Jerusalem.  This weekend is the Orthodox Christians Easter celebration so the streets were packed especially around the borders of the Old City.  We had to navigate our way through gates in which the Israeli Police were patrolling.  We ran into situations where we were not allowed to pass through gates and had to keep walking around the wall to see if there were places that we could get through.

We visited the Greek Orthodox Melkite Church where were greeted by Archbishop Joseph.   He sharedGreek Orthodox Melkite Church much history of how the Catholics and Melkites united in 172.  He was so joyful and had a loving spirit about him.  We then visited St. Marks Syrian Orthodox Church where Sister Kristine share numerous miracles.  Once we left there, this is where we experienced most of the roadblocks and had difficulty finding gates that we could get through.

We ended our evening with dinner at Tantur which is an ecumenical institute that serves scholars, teachers, students and spiritual sojourners of all Christian faiths.  For more information on Tantur, you can visit it at www.tantur.org

Tomorrow morning we are going to experience a Greek Orthodox Service which is in walking distance to our guest house.  


LaDawn Knicely (for the group)

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