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Posted in Holy Land 2013
May 4th, 2013

This is just a very brief message to pass on the good news that we have arrived safely in Jerusalem after many long hours of travel in and out of airports and on and off airplanes and through thousands of Looking at the city of Jerusalem miles of airspace. Thank God with us for safe, if tiring, travel. On this end we met Tony Sabella, our tour guide, rode up to Jerusalem from the coastal plain, did an overview of the Old City of Jerusalem from Mount Scopus, had two full hours to unwind at the Casa Nova, Jerusalem, ate a delicious dinner in the Casa Nova dining room, and shared our first Evening Prayers in a lovely courtyard. Tomorrow will be a day of unknowns, as we maneuver the challenges of a city virtually closed down (oddly enough!) by the celebration of Orthodox Easter. But tonight we want to get some quality “horizontal time” (read “sleep”!).

Blessings to you all! We are very happy to be here and to be starting our venture and adventure!

Dorothy Jean (for the group)

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