A Silver Lining in Turkey

Posted in Mediterranean 2011
May 18th, 2011

By Michael Swartzendruber

We finally arrived in Turkey after a variety of complications.  Though the delay would turn out to be a blessing later.

We stayed three nights in a hotel in Kusadasi where it was pleasant to have real showers and a little space.  From there, we spent a few days visiting Ephesus, Miletus, Dydima and Priene.   Ephesus was swarming with tourists from the three cruise ships that had pulled into port that morning.  We had the privilege, unlike the crowds, to visit a new site there: Paul’s Cave.  We hiked a hill and ducked into a deep dug-out cave with paintings of Paul and others that dated to the 5th or 6th Century CE.

At Miletus, we had quite a surprise. Linford was explaining an idea he had found in a book by John Crossan when who should show up but John Crossan himself, followed by Marcus Borg.  Our skipper on the Morning Star has said all along that we have to find the good in the unfortunate situations.  We found that encounter to be the silver lining in all the delays and complications we had experienced getting to Turkey.  Had we been 5 minutes earlier or later, that never would have happened.

After 4 days in Turkey, we ferried out to Samos where we met the Morning Star once again.  We spent the day exploring the island, spent the night, then took off in the morning for Patmos, where we are now.  Patmos is, of course, where John wrote the book of Revelation.  We’re probably going to leave here tonight.  About a week left and the whole sea to sail!

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