The People in Places, People and Prayers

Posted in Holy Land 2011
May 16th, 2011

By Monroe J. Yoder

The day began with a bright cheery morning with lively breakfast conversations. At 9:15 we met Tony at the bus and traveled to West Jerusalem to meet with a representative of the Israeli Committee Against Home Demolition (ICHAD). After a brief introduction we toured East Jerusalem. He demonstrated the land “grab”, the deceptive practices of the Israeli government, and the affect on Palestinian households, limiting the rights of Palestinians.

After lunch we met with MCC program directors Ryan and Ingrid Beiler and MCC volunteer Rachelle Friesen. They gave us an understanding of how MCC’s program is extended through local indigenous organizations that work in Development, Sustainability, and Peace and Justice issues. Ms Friesen is assigned to Wi’am Palestinian Resolution Center. Their reporting gave us Wall Art greater understanding of how the system robs the Palestinian people of dignity and success.

Next we met with Zoughbi Zoughbi who is the founder and director of the Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center. He acknowledged his training at EMU’s Summer Peace Building Training and STAR programs. This is the basis for his approach and is committed to living and teaching a nonviolent method of solving conflicts. Their property adjoins the separation barrier i.e. Wall where many have contributed messages included two from our group, Chris Carpenter and Robert Russo (see photo).

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