May 5

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May 5th, 2009

I have been chosen to tell you about our most recent day. I was chosen because I wanted to tell a particular story. My congregation has been blessed to know and support a Palestinian family that runs an Olive wood co-op. The husband and wife have visited and met my congregation. They have shared their personal, difficult story. He was born in Bethlehem and she Jerusalem. They are not able to live in the same house most of the time. One of the ladies in my congregation was shocked when I said I would be sharing coffee this week with the Zoughbi’s in Bethlehem. Well I have done that. Several of our group went with me last evening. The Zoughbi’s share a DVD which contained a part of their personal story (WOW). Josh King identified a feeling of nails in a cross as Palestinian homes were destroyed by the Israeli’s.

Folks we do not know our simple blessings! We do not have to go through check points to get to the next city. We don’t know how to identify with not being able to visit family or friends in an adjoining city. Occupation is cruel on so many levels.

Today we visited with folks from Bethlehem Bible College, Bethlehem University, the local Mosque and Dheisheh refugee camp. At this moment, I can do little more than say my heart cries out. Laments are real among so many of us as we process what we have seen, smelled and felt deep within our souls.
Blessings- Curtis Wheeler

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