CIE Interfaith Forum – Mohammed Ghanem: From Syrian English Teacher to Peacebuilder

& Center for Interfaith Engagement.

“An Invitation for Discrimination! The Covenant of Umar”

The Covenant of Umar is a treaty that was concluded between the Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab and Sophronius, the Patriarch of Jerusalem. Ghanem has translated this treaty and researched how it can be used as an example of Muslim-Christian relations. He also talks about his pilgrimage from English teacher to peacebuilder.

A Fulbright scholar, Ghanem joined the EMU community from his position as assistant professor in the English Department at Damascus University. He will earn a masters degree in conflict transformation from CJP this summer.

Ghanem earned a bachelors degree in English literature and a diploma in English translation from Damascus University. He is also an English language tutor at Syrian Virtual University.

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