Reflections on Ministry and Call – Julia Schmidt & Brendon Derstine

& Student Speakers, University Chapels.

Brendon Derstine and Julia Schmidt offer reflections from their participation in the Ministry Inquiry Program, Summer 2011.

The Ministry Inquiry Program is an exciting opportunity of the Mennonite Church USA for college-age young adults to explore pastoral ministry. The program offers you the opportunity to experience first hand what ministry is and to test your own gifts and sense of call. Participants work under the supervision of a pastor and are involved in many aspects of a minister’s life and work. Effort is made to place you in the congregation or congregational setting of your choice—urban, rural, large, or small. For students of mission, an overseas assignment can be considered.

The Ministry Inquiry Program also offers pastors and congregations a specific way to be involved in helping students experience leadership in the church. Pastors serve as mentors and examples. Students learn by both observing and doing. At the conclusion of the summer, all participants and the pastor or supervisor submit a report and evaluation of the program.