Suraya Sadeed

Suraya Sadeed is the Founder of Help the Afghan Children (HTAC), a non for profit organization that has been operating in Afghanistan since 1993. She has extensive experience in collaborating with international communities in addition to major donor countries. She has served as an educational commission adviser to UNESCO. Ms. Sadeed has participated in many international advocacy efforts on behalf of Afghanistan Children and women in promoting education as their basic right. Among her greatest achievements has been bringing peace and civic education into Afghan schools.

As an independent consultant, Ms. Sadeed is an effective advocate for strategic programs and services that deliver results. Her passion and extensive knowledge in conflict resolution and peace education, combined with communication and management skills, are great instruments for promoting the advancement of women in Afghanistan‘s political, social and economic arenas.

Ms. Sadeed has worked as Financial Consultant with various entities and served as a Coordinator to the World Bank and Georgetown University School of Business.

She is a recognized speaker in international conferences, U.S. Congressional hearings, and various universities. She is the recipient of many awards including Medal of Service from Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education. She also served as a delegate in the Grand Assembly that drafted Afghanistan’s Constitution. Her memoir, “Forbidden Lessons in a Kabul Guesthouse”, has been published recently in many languages in the U.S., Europe, and Afghanistan. She has a Master’s degree in Strategic Peace building/Conflict Transformation from Eastern Mennonite University – Virginia, USA.