Saeed Murad Rahi

Senior Program Coordinator, USAID – Afghanistan Rule of Law

Saeed works in Kabul as the Senior Program Coordinator, a key liaison between USAID/Afghanistan Rule of Law Project and the Afghan justice sectors, mostly senior officials. In addition to his first book, described below, Saeed has just had his second book published in Persian/Dari: Negotiation Skills: An Effective Method for Peaceful Settlement of Disputes.

Along with coordination efforts, Saeed has taught conflict management and conflict resolution techniques (negotiation and mediation skills) for judges and NGOs working in the field of conflict resolution. This eventually led him to publish the little book of “Mediation Skills in Conflict Resolution”.

This book is the first publication on Mediation Skills in Conflict Resolution in Persian/Dari in Afghanistan. The Mediation Skills book (100 pages) describes mediation skills in various conflicts including family, property, ethnic, political, and religious arenas. Following are the main topics covered in Mediation Skills in Conflict Resolution:

  • Preface
  • 1. Introduction to conflict
  • 2. History of mediation
  • 3. Mediation in Islam
  • 4. Definition of mediation
  • 5. Conditions for conducting a mediation
  • 6. Characteristics of mediation
  • 7. Kinds of mediation
  • 8. Theories of mediation (transformative, problems solving and evaluative mediation)
  • 9. Difference between mediation, arbitration and judicial proceedings
  • 10. Advantages of mediation
  • 11-13 Protocols for conducting mediations
  • 14-25 Skills for mediators
  • 26-28 Resources for mediators

This book is the result of Saeed’s MA studies at CJP. He has also coordinated and edited a legal dictionary of 4000 terms in Persian and Pashto.