Understanding strengths and motivation is key to transforming any conflict, large or small. Since 1985 I have worked across multiple sectors to develop capacity for better communication and leadership for organizations and individuals in Myanmar, Turkey, Germany, Fiji and the United States. I believe in developing processes that are mindful, adaptable and creative – processes of discovery to find solutions with “big picture” applications and awareness.

New solutions require new ways of thinking. I have developed a practice that incorporates creative methods of dialogue to build trust and confidence, opening up new perspectives and paradigms. My passion for building bridges and creative problem-solving is the common denominator in all my work, along with a commitment to deep listening, flexibility and professionalism.

Recent projects include:
Team Lead: Process Evaluation, Peace & Civic Education (Joint Peace Fund)
Technical Advisor: Inclusive Dialogue & Advocacy (Karuna Center for Peacebuilding)
Researcher: Faith-Based Dialogue and Environmental Stewardship (Danmission)
Curriculum Developer/Online Trainer: Everyday Peace and Arts Practices (Graceworks/ActionAid – EU Cultural Bridges)
Curriculum Developer/Online Trainer: Inclusive Peacebuilding (ChristianAid)


Management | Coaching and accompaniment for managers of diverse teams, focusing on common goals, organizational values, accountability, feedback loops and stakeholder needs through strengths-based approaches and rigorous analysis

Adaptive Leadership Development | Coaching and accompaniment to cultivate innovative and adaptive approaches to management and leadership within complex, dynamic environments


Program Design | Conflict sensitive (“do no harm”) approaches for peacebuilding, social cohesion, dialogue, resilience, trauma awareness, psycho-social mainstreaming, media and communications

Curriculum Development | Design teaching and training materials using context-appropriate engaged pedagogy and process of discovery for reflective learning that links knowledge, skills and values

Facilitation & Training | Process design and facilitation in complex settings using culturally-appropriate tools as needed and available (i.e., arts, literature, music, etc.)


Dialogue | Process design and facilitation of dialogue processes at the national, sub-national, organizational, community and interpersonal levels using both academic methodology and engaged pedagogy to build confidence, address identity issues and bridge cultural differences

Advocacy | Campaign design using multi-channel strategies and information design to facilitate sharing of complex data and influencing strategies for greater comprehension and effectiveness


Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning | Establish evidence-based indicators for programming, developing lines of inquiry, data collection, data analysis, report writing and creative, effective dissemination methods

Research | Process Evaluation (Joint Peace Fund, Myanmar), Mapping of Interfaith Actors in Myanmar (ACT Alliance, Myanmar), Program Evaluation (Turning Tables, Myanmar), Arts-based Peace Education in Rakhine State (Deakin University, Australia), Healing Historical Harms (Eastern Mennonite University, USA)


The potential significance of arts-based adult learning in peacebuilding: an emerging area for development practitioners to consider (The European Journal of Development Research, January 2021)

Lessons Learned Facilitating Dialogue to Bridge Divides within and between Diverse Communities in Myanmar and Case Studies in Using Creative Dialogue Structures to Foster Reflective Learning in Myanmar (with Kaung Hla, chapters in Teaching for Peace and Social Justice in Myanmar, Bloomsbury 2021)

Inclusive Peacebuilding: Online Training of Trainers for Gender-Sensitive Peacebuilding (ChristianAid 2020)

Community Dialogue Handbook (Karuna Center for Peacebuilding, 2018)

Mapping of Interfaith Actors in Myanmar (ACT Alliance October 2017)

This profile was last updated May 21, 2021