Hassan Yousufzai

Commercial Counselor in the Pakistani Embassy

2010: My new assignment is in Frankfurt, Germany, as Commercial Counselor in the Pakistani Embassy. This is a two-year assignment with the possibility of a two-year extension.

Chief Economist, Government of North West Frontier Province, Peshawar, Pakistan

2006: The earthquake of October 8, 2005, has been one of the worst times in the recent history of our people. One cannot imagine what kind of miseries the people of the worst affected areas are undergoing, and there is not much that even we can do to support them at individual levels. The government, as well as the aid agencies, are working together. Tent villages have been organized where medical support, food and schooling facilities are available. But there is still a big area in the mountains which remains inaccessible for outsiders to reach. With the snow season, the UN is predicting an even larger catastrophe for the people who are still alive but either refuse to leave their destroyed villages or are not able to come down the mountains due to land sliding on mountain tracks.

I have been busy working for my government, first to participate in the relief operations and later for rehabilitation and reconstruction activities. Since more than 50% of the affected area falls under the Government of NWFP, I, as part of my job, am working on finding ways and means to maintain some stability in the macro economic front for the Province.

Since returning to Pakistan , I and Ali Gohar have co-authored a book on “Pukhtoon Jirga” available at www.justpeaceint.cjb.net . I have also drafted a manual on community based peacebuilding for local governments.