Ali Gohar


Field of Practice:


See the article from Peacebuilder Magazine, Spring-Summer 2011, on Ali’s work: Restorative Councils Help Pakistani Police

September 2007: I am in Kabul (Afghanistan) for a four month consultancy as Technical Adviser to the Government on social issues and child focused social work.

April 2007: Last week I attended a two-day conference at Istanbul, Turkey, arranged by Young Democratic Leaders. The conference was attended by leaders and peace builders from more than 40 countries. Since it was the first meeting of this group, many decisions took place through a democratic way, and the name chosen is Forum for Peace and Democracy. Plans are to arrange yearly meetings in different parts of the world and to increase the number of participants.

I plan to finish my consultancy in Afghanistan this month, training government officials in social work and peace. I developed a reference book and training manual, and the officials I am training will further train their partners and colleagues.   Inshallah, in June I will pick up the three main projects of Justpeace: one year, with a Greek NGO and funded by the Greek government, on European perspectives for earthquake affectees, a three-year project for the victims of torture, with the same Greek NGO, funded by European Union, and one by the Pakistani government and USAID on social mobilization in tribal areas.

December 2006: I left Oxfam and am now working from Just Peace International, a local NGO that I helped to create. Presently I have many projects in hand, by the grace of GOD. For Pakistani Television I have started thirteen episode programs, on the most violent conflict reported in the press on a daily basis, under the title, “Why it’s Happened.” We identify the roots of the issue where most of the conflicts start. We ask the opinions of the police, religious experts, traditional jirga practitioners, psychological specialists, and then I begin and end the program with conflict transformation methods. The programs will be on air from the 1st of January.

Inshallah, I am beginning a four months’ consultancy from an NGO consortium headed by Terry de Hommes and funded by European Union to train the social welfare officers of Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare in Afghanistan on social work and peace building.

I am also beginning another very heavy project with a Greek NGO named European Perspective, to start a two-year project for Victims of Torture. The program is mostly for the victims of community violence, and those who were in the Afghan war.

With UNICEF I introduced Restorative justice system and started building the capacity of implementing partners. The first mediation center will begin from January 2007.

Till now I taped six interviews for another project, my dream even while at EMU, to record the stories of Bacha Khan, SERVANT OF GOD, as told by his friends. My vision is to dub their non-violent stories and share these stories of non-violence with peace institutions around the world. I am presently looking for funding. One article was recently published in Restorative Directions Journal, a journal from Canada, and another one will be published in December from Belgium.

The Jirga research book and restorative justice book are being circulated in Afghanistan and Pakistan both, and the leading newspapers are writing book reviews on their importance. One such review is forwarded  for your information.

I think these are sufficient for the record. More information is available on the web, that will be soon updated.

First Report: I have begun working withOxfam Great Britian to end honor killing. Oxfam began a campaign for behavioral change in different parts of the world. For Asia they selected the theme of Violence against Women; in Pakistan the campaign focuses on “honor killing” a practice common all over Pakistan, and in my Province in particular.

Our NGO working with Afghan refugees is also in full swing especially in the field of training. UNHCR has given us Eastern Afghanistan to train UN staff. In Pakistan we are training partners in peacebuilding and co-existence among some of the most conflicted tribal areas. Restorative justice is now coming side by side with jirga to make the traditional system work with needs of the present time.