Ahmad Zabi Rahat

Ahmad Zabi Rahat is a research Associate at Act Knowledge, a social enterprise that connects social change practices with rigorous study of how and why initiatives work. Zabi also serves as the Center for Theory of Change’s Organization Development Coordinator. Center is a non-profit organization established to promote quality standards and best practice for the development and implementation of Theory of Change, with a particular focus on its use and application in the areas of international development, sustainability, education, human rights and social change.

Zabi has a Master’s degree in Conflict Transformation and a MBA Graduate Certification in Non-profit Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship along with a Bachelors degree in Economics. His role and expertise encompasses research, strategic planning, evaluation and the implementation of the Theory of Change process (ToC) across a range of areas including programs focused on early childhood development, education, youth development and international development. Zabi also served as a panelist in 2016 Sustainable Development Transition forum hosted by United Nations Office for Sustainable Development in Republic of Korea. The panel discussed strategies, tools and methods for mainstreaming the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.