Would You Take Your Own Course?

& Informal, Reflection.

I would imagine that the best part of being a roller coaster designer is being first in line to test your latest creation. As a thrill ride designer you create an experience that you would enjoy riding. There must be an extreme amount of excitement as you watch construction crews bringing the product of your… Read more »

Power Play: Transitioning From Lecturer to Facilitator

& Informal.

The Fear of Obsolescence Nothing haunts most people more than the fear of becoming outdated, obsolete, and no longer valued. This can probably be said more for educators than most other professions, especially as the form of education continues to rapidly change. While the form of education might be changing the function remains the same;… Read more »

Educational Design as Bridge Building

& Informal.

Bridges are phenomenal feats of engineering that are used to traverse obstacles that would otherwise prohibit the connecting of societal groups. Often bridges have served to connect disjointed land masses bringing the various cultures of each into a shared environment. Throughout history bridge designs have changed to serve the various needs of the terrain being… Read more »

Change of venues…

& Informal.

After four years of life in the campus of Eastern Mennonite University, the majority of which was spent as a graduate student, but also these past five months after graduation working full-time for Information Systems, I’m returning to my home state of Iowa. It’s been a tremendous gift to be part of such a wonderful… Read more »

Hello world!

& Informal.

As a former programmer, I love the “Hello world!” – that rite of passage whenever a new programming language is picked up for the first time and the coder tradition implores you to write, compile, and run that few lines of code to get your first taste of the language’s conventions and its runtime environment…. Read more »