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Meet the 2010 ‘Cords of Distinction’ Recipients

Front row (L to R): Jennifer Hochstetler, Katherine Nussbaum, Dorine Ndayizigiye, Sarah Roth, Claudette Monroy. Back row (L to R): Jonathan Spicher, Daniel Miller, Jay Michael Harnish, Anastacio Basil Marin, Niclette ...More

EMU Honors ‘Cords of Distinction’ Recipients

‘Cords of Distinction’ recipients: (seated, l. to r.) Lars A. Akerson, Benjamin W. Beitzel, Matthew R. Garber, Lisa N. King; (standing, l. to r.) Ho-Hyun Lee, Jered C. Lyons, Ral E. Nwankwo, Emi K. Oda, Joanne E. Smucker, and Matthew D. Swartley. Phot ...More

Congratulations, Class of 2004!

By Jim Bishop, Bishop’s Mantle in Daily News-Record How well-prepared are today’s college graduates to survive and thrive in the marketplace and larger society? On one hand, I get the feeling that most are street-wise, savvy and possess both the skills and motivation they’ll need to make a difference in the world. When I see the incredibly diverse learning ...More