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Peacecolleges.com addresses need for information on where to study peace, with justice

For years it has been easy to find law schools and nursing schools in North America, but not so easy to locate schools specializing in the study of conflict and peacebuilding. This has changed, with the advent of “The College Guide to Peace Studies Programs.” Found at www.peacecolleges.com, the guide ...More


JMU’s Gandhi Center honors Howard Zehr and Vida Huber



CJP director argues against bombing Syria, in Richmond newspaper op-ed

In June I returned from living in Jordan, where I spent six years as regional director for an international humanitarian organization. I had significant contacts with some of the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees pouring into Jordan over the past two years. Many expressed the simple hope that the multiparty violence engulfing their country will end soon. If U.N. inspectors conclud ...More

Shank at Lincoln_web

CJP grad addresses tens of thousands at MLK anniversary march in D.C., decrying U.S.-fostered violence

Speaking to tens of thousands gathered at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on Saturday (08/24/13), EMU grad Michael Shank cited Martin Luther King Jr.’s abhorrence of U.S.-sponsored violence around the world. In a two-minute speech marking the 50th anniversary of King’s March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, S ...More

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Averted school shooting shows value of conflict transformation skills

In a Huffington Post commentary, EMU research professor Lisa Schirch praised the conflict transformation skills used spontaneously by the school staffer who, on Tuesday, talked a gunman into surrendering rather than shooting inside an ...More


Nigerian Grad Has Had Huge Impact on Peace in West Africa

After decades spent establishing a network of Muslim and Christian peacebuilders in Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, Gopar Tapkida says he is ready to leave his home country for the challenge of doing leadership and peace work in Zimbabwe, one of the poorest countries in Africa. Tapkida, who earned a master’s in conflict transformatio ...More


Massive Knitting Project (to Cover a Bridge) Aims at Building Community in Pittsburgh

On the weekend of August 10, Pittsburgh’s famous Andy Warhol Bridge will begin wearing a massive knitted sweater of sorts, designed, created and installed (save for high-altitude stuff left to professionals) by more than 1,400 volunteer knitters in and around Pittsburgh. Once complete, Knit the Bridge, led by Amanda Gross ’07, MA ’1 ...More


“Where There Was Despair, They Saw Hope” – Summer Peacebuilding Institute 2013 Wraps Up

Many of the 196 attendees at this year’s Summer Peacebuilding Institute (SPI) had survived devastating loss and trauma. Yet the final week of that gathering at Eastern Mennonite University began with an evening of infectious joy. SPI learners – representing 43 nations over six weeks of sessions, May 6-June 14 – did line and contra dancing, ...More


Resiliency After Trauma of War

After he got back from the war, Mark Lauro couldn’t pick up his young son without thinking about that night in Iraq. He was an Army National Guard sergeant with a company deployed in 2007 to provide security for military supply convoys. Lauro was in an armored vehicle running reconnaissance a few kilometers ahead of the others, keeping an eye out for trouble and choosing the ...More


South Pacific Women Challenge Abuses

In Olga Hamadi’s line of work as a human rights lawyer in West Papua, death threats are common. Violence and human rights violations are plentiful and sorely overlooked, Hamadi said, and police and military personnel who victimize her clients often turn the blame on her. While there are many lawyers in West Papua – one of two Indonesian provinces on the Southwest Pacific isla ...More