Royals Athlete of the Week: Jasmine Johnson

This week in volleyball, senior Jasmine Johnson (Staunton, Va./Robert E. Lee) made her mark in the record books. She surpassed the 2,000 career assists mark, and is now second in Eastern Mennonite University history with 2,019 assists.

“It feels absolutely incredible!” Jasmine said of her accomplishment. “I have been blessed to have been able to play with the teammates I have and been honored to have been coached by some outstanding people. I could not have reached this point in my career without my team and coaches, and it is an honor to be able to be in the EMU record book.”

Jasmine’s years at school have been productive – and busy. She played two sports, volleyball and softball, her first two years at EMU, after playing three sports while she was in high school.

“I am a very competitive and dedicated teammate, meaning that if I didn’t get my work done in the classroom, I wasn’t able to play the sport I love,” Jasmine commented. “I definitely learned to manage my time and do what I needed to do so that I was able to be on the court or field helping my team be successful.”

Over the summer, Jasmine did all she could so she could come into her senior season in the best possible shape.

“I wanted this to be my best season yet, physically and mentally,” she explained. “Over the summer, I lost 35 pounds in order to help be in the best physical shape I could be for my senior season…Mentally, I knew nothing could stop me from playing this year and helping my team be successful.”

Jasmine’s coach, Carrie Bert, notices and appreciates her dedication to progress.

“She came in with the ability to play as a freshman, but has grown athletically and as a leader during that time,” said Coach Bert. “I’ve never coached someone with such an innate understanding of the game.  She is passionate and competitive, pushing her teammates and encouraging them both vocally and in how she plays.  Her teammates trust, respect, and admire her, and that’s what I’d hope of any senior…I’m not sure what we’ll do without her.”

Perhaps they won’t have do without her, however. Jasmine is majoring in psychology and currently doing an internship with a school counselor.

“I am loving it!” Jasmine said. “So, I am hoping to pursue a career with a counseling degree. My hope for after graduation is to be able to come back to EMU as a grad assistant and be able to help volleyball while getting my masters in the counseling program – wishful thinking!”

In her free time Jasmine likes to….well… “What is free time to a student athlete?” Jasmine said, laughing. “But I love to hang out with my friends, watch Netflix and movies, and listen to music when I have those free moments.”

Jasmine is excited to see what her team can accomplish this year.

“My overall goal for this season is for us to make it to the ODAC Tournament. We have not been since I have been here, and I want it so so so bad!”

And the volleyball season is far from over, so stay tuned.

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