[EDITOR'S NOTE: Excerpt pulled from Crossroads magazine, 90th anniversary issue, Sept. 2007] "The class of 1950 joined with the class of 1946 to pay for construction of a recreational gathering place, a kitchen-equipped cabin, in Park Woods.... At the time, D. Lowell Nissley '50 described the cabin's décor as 'dark rustic,' boasting an 8-foot stone fireplace, tile floor and knotty pine walls." (Photo by Mike Zucconi)

Submit Your Ideas for Park Woods Cabin

Calling all Eastern Mennonite University alumni!

We need your help in deciding the next step for Park Woods Cabin. There is student interest in improving the condition of the cabin, which is currently not in use. Share how would you like to see the cabin used (if it can be improved) in the comments section!

Discussion on “Submit Your Ideas for Park Woods Cabin

  1. Open it up on weekend nights for student led music, art, and multimedia shows. Common grounds is fantastic for those sorts of activities, but opening up the cabin would add an outdoors flavor that would be perfect for gatherings of those kind.

  2. Make it like a classroom that can be used for ecology classes and have a hardwood floor so it can be a place to dance it up on the weekends!

  3. A bit idealistic, but I would love to see it used as some sort of student housing. Since that’s probably not possible, I would also like to see it used as a classroom.

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