Herm is always willing to help out during field hockey practice. You never know when you will see Herm out and about on campus.

Meet the EMU Mascot, Herm

Herm, the EMU Royals’ mascot lion, was first spotted way back in 1983 as he cheered on EMU athletics teams and helped the Loyal Royals in fundraising and other athletics efforts. Herm is not a ferocious or highly competitive mascot. He is a warm, fuzzy guy who embodies welcoming friendliness, a trait that many visitors and new students use to describe the EMU community.

Herm’s Schedule

Herm’s social schedule and public persona are managed collaboratively by EMU’s marketing and athletics departments. We were delighted to send Herm off to for a spa treatment in Pennsylvania in summer 2012, where he was pampered, fluffed and revived. Replicas of Herm are available for sale in the EMU bookstore. Tiny ones hang on keychains and cuddly ones make good presents for nieces and nephews!

Herm is ready to get more involved on campus and in the broader community, so keep your eyes peeled. You never know where he might show up!

Hear from Herm in a question and answer session and photos with EMU’s popular mascot!