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Summer Cross-Cultural Students Return from Around the Globe


Studying in another culture transforms you, says EMU junior Holly Solomon and classmates. She traveled to Bulgaria in summer 2012 with English professor Andrew White and his Bulgarian wife, Daria Borislavova.

Staying with host families, immersing themselves in the local culture, Holly’s student group shared stories and experiences that proved to be life changing.

Read journals and view photos:

Other student groups traveled to Zambia, China, and EMU’s Washington Community Scholars’ Center in D.C. and participated in group living and meaningful internships and seminars.

About the EMU cross-cultural program

Cross-cultural study is a graduation requirement for every EMU student. Our well-known program – over three decades old – is boosted by a majority of teaching faculty who have lived and worked overseas, often partnering with people far from the tourist circuit.

Most students are immersed for a whole semester in another country, often living with local families in places such as the Middle East, India, Central America, or Africa. Some students live and learn at EMU’s Washington Community Scholars’ Center in Washington, D.C., doing internships in places like the National Institutes of Health or the Smithsonian Institution.

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