Kendall Garber, a computer science and mathematics major, has played a variety of roles on the men's volleyball team. Garber, who started out in the middle, has transitioned to the back row in recent years and is currently second on the team with a 1.42 digs per game average. Garber was a 2011 NECVA All-Academic Team award recipient. Photo by Wayne Gehman

Garber Volleys Academics, Athletics

Name: Kendall Garber
Year: Senior
Sport: Men’s Volleyball
Hometown/High School: Lancaster, Pa./Lancaster Mennonite
Specs: MOC Volleyball Festival All-Tournament Team (2012), NECVA All-Academic Team (2011).  Played numerous positions for Royals during his four years, and having a career season this year with career best 82 kills.  Second on the team with 1.42 digs per game (as of 3/6/12).

What is your major? What do you hope to do?

I have a double major of Mathematics/Computer Science.  I am hoping to find a job around Lancaster doing computer repair, technical support or something similar.


Why computer science and mathematics at EMU?

As high school went on, learning about computers and the programming behind how they work became more and more of an interest of mine.  Math, despite being a good major to have if I choose to go to graduate school in the future, has always been my favorite subject ever since early elementary school.


What originally made you choose to come to EMU?

The match of being a Mennonite school and having a men’s volleyball program was a major drawing factor.  The professors impressed me and I just loved the feel of the campus in general.


How have you been able to manage your time in the spring with volleyball and course work?

Learning to do homework on the road to away games and while staying at hotels, and using the small windows of time during the day to do school work are ways I’ve kept up with the course load.  In some ways, volleyball is like my “break” from homework in the same way other students would take a break to exercise, hang out with friends, or watch a TV show.  My break is just scheduled for me.


What has it been like being a student-athlete while at EMU?

It’s been a lot of fun being a student-athlete.  On a few occasions during my first couple of years here, I would have people working in the cafeteria congratulate me on a game and ask when the next one would be.  It’s an honor to have people on campus come watch our team play a sport we love.  Missing class every now and then for trips can be a pain, but the professors are willing to help make sure you stay on top of your work.  Being able to play volleyball competitively while studying to prepare for my future is a privilege I have thoroughly enjoyed.


What are one or two things you have learned from playing your sport here that you will take with you when you leave?

The whole experience of coming together as a team to accomplish a goal is definitely one thing that will stay with me.  Playing volleyball here has also taught me to always work hard, even when things aren’t going my way.


What changes have there been for you after having the same coach for three years and now a new coach for your senior season?

I feel like it’s been relatively minor changes.  Coach King and our assistant Dominick Porter have helped out with some practices in the past.  King was actually my assistant coach in high school for a year which decreased the adjustment period for me.  It took a little time to get used to how practice is run, but the transition has been pretty smooth in my opinion.  Unrelated to the coaching change, it’s been a change playing a new position this year.