Joni Sancken
Joni Sancken, professor of preaching and practical theology, will teach Advanced Topics in Preaching this spring.

Preach Better at a Discounted Rate

Eastern Mennonite Seminary is offering an advanced preaching class during the spring semester at a special rate. Pastors and lay leaders will be able to take the class for $460, one-third the cost of a regular course.

The class is offered in conjunction with The Preaching Institute, an EMS program that provides pastors and lay leaders with an opportunity to learn preaching skills. It will be offered on campus Tuesdays, Jan. 9 to April 23, 8-10:40 a.m.

Topics will include sermon forms; preaching without notes; preaching and the cross; preaching Paul; special occasion sermons, and the use of technology and visual arts in preaching. Students will also articulate their own theology of preaching.

This course will help lay-leaders who preach occasionally and would like to improve their skills, seasoned preachers who would like to stretch their preaching or add to their repertoire, and associate pastors who may be looking to improve their skills in preparation for moving into a lead pastorate

“The sermon has the potential to empower and transform lives from the inside out as preacher and listeners engage with scripture and the realities of our world,” said Joni Sancken, who has a doctorate in homiletics and teaches preaching and practical theology.

“The past 10 years have been challenging ones for institutional religion: September 11, clergy abuse scandals, economic challenges, and declining membership,” Sancken said. “Congregations are seeking fresh ways to encounter God and experience renewal in these challenging times. Preaching is part of this renewal.”

The discounted rate is available to those who take the class on an audit basis. Students who want seminary credit would pay the full tuition price. The typical participation audit fee is $690, but due to coordination with the Preaching Institute, EMS is able to offer the course at an attractively discounted rate.

To learn more about the class visit or call the office of seminary admissions at 540-432-4257. December 20 is the deadline for inquiries on the special rate.