EMU’s Institute for Experiential Psychotherapies Offers New Course

Eastern Mennonite University’s (EMU) Institute for Experiential Psychotherapies, within the graduate counseling program, will be offering a two-credit course for the 2011-12 academic year.

The course; “Narrative as Healing through Dreams, Myths and Stories,” will be offered during the fall and spring semesters.  The class is scheduled to meet every Tuesday each semester from 11:15-12:45 p.m.

“The effort between therapist and client is a collaborative one, deconstructing old, outworn stories and creating space for new stories and meaning to evolve about who one is and who one wants to be,” Annmarie Early, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director of the Master of Arts in Couseling said.  “This course will emphasize a way to do this work with clients by first doing it with ourselves through an exploration of our dreams, myths and personal stories.”

Educational hours for practicing professionals are available.  The course is also open to interested individuals who have some experience in a related field.

“A variety of expressive techniques, including an ongoing dream group, psychodrama and writing techniques will be employed to deepen and amplify our work,” added Early.

An interview with Helen Benoit, Ph.D., or Richard Anderson, Ph.D., is required for enrollment to the course.

For more information contact Dr. Early, 540-432-4213; aearly@mac.com.