EMU Grad Kara Hartzler Featured on NPR’s The Story

EMU grad Kara Hartzler was featured on NPR's The Story in October 2010
EMU grad Kara Hartzler

On October 6, 2010, Dick Gordon – host of NPR’s The Story – interviewed EMU grad Kara Hartzler, attorney and playwright, about her original work “No Roosters in the Desert”. Read on and listen to Kara’s story.

The following is excerpted from NPR’s The Story website.

Kara Hartzler has a unique perspective on the immigration debate.

She has worked with immigrants and heard their stories both professionally as a lawyer and creatively as a writer. Her play No Roosters in the Desert has its American premiere tomorrow in Tucson, Arizona.

Listen to host Dick Gordon’s interview with Kara