New Business Club Formed By Students, For Students

The Department of Business and Economics is one of the largest at EMU, but the students have not had a good way to converse with each other and get to know other class members.

Ashley Hevener and Matt Ropp saw this deficiency, and wanted to link all the levels of students together. Hevener and Ropp thought a student-run Business Club would be a great way to do this.

Students network and form an idea

They began by networking with fellow students and found that many had an interest. Informative meetings brought together students from all years who wanted to be a part of this organization.

After SGA approved the petition, Economic and Business Innovators of Tomorrow (EBIT) became recognized as an official group on campus, with Professor Walt Surratt as the faculty supervisor.

The group started meeting every Thursday to organize the group and planned a large kickoff event in Common Grounds, the EMU coffee shop. All business and economics students were invited for pizza, T-shirts and information about the organization.

Club board of directors

Members of EBIT wanted the club to always feel student-directed, so they created a Board of Directors.

The Board consists of 13 juniors and seniors who must be admitted to the Department. The Board discusses ideas that members of the club have proposed and plan main events for the club.

EBIT events

EBIT will organize and plan a variety of events that are fun and educational. The kickoff event was just the start.

The next event featured an evening with local entrepreneurs sharing their stories of business success and strife. EBIT also plans to take the whole department out for bowling after the annual picnic.

Club membership

The club currently consists of 40 members and would be happy if the whole department joined. The club wants to be an organization where business students feel excited to share their ideas and thoughts and also a place where peers can help each other with resumes and classes.

The Board wants EBIT to be a place where all year levels can come together and have a common thread.

More info

Contact the business and economics department office coordinator Patty Eckard for more info at 540-432-4150.