EMU announces emergency student aid fund

Due to the recent economic downturn, Eastern Mennonite University’s endowment value has decreased from $24 million to $14 million. Our best estimate is that EMU will have $300,000 less available in 2009-2010 for student aid funds.

Recruitment of new students and retention of current students will be our top priority. However, we recognize that our ability to enroll these students will be impacted, in part, by financial aid.

EMU has increased the amounts of the top academic scholarships for 2009-2010.We have also made a decision to maintain the current level of institutional financial aid.

Because of the decreased amount available from endowed scholarship funds, we are inviting donors to make a special gift to the Emergency Student Aid Fund.

EMU’s cabinet and board of trustees are supporting this fund, and all faculty and staff have been encouraged to do so as well.

We would be grateful for your contribution to this fund, over and above your regular annual giving. To make a contribution, give online at emu.edu/giving/donate.