International Trauma Expert Joins STAR Efforts

Carolyn H. Heggen, a trauma expert with world credentials, has come to work for Strategies in Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR) at Eastern Mennonite University.

As co-leader of STAR Feb. 12 to 16, Heggen will bring her experience with people traumatized by natural and humanmade disasters in Pakistan, Nepal, and India, as well as with traumatized migrants, prisoners, and survivors of sexual abuse and family violence.

Carolyn H. Heggen, trauma expert

A former STAR training participant herself, Heggen recalls the joy of participating with persons from all over the globe. Two attending university professors of religion commented to her that “this place is mind-boggling. Here in this small town, this small university is doing some of the most creative healing work in the world.”

STAR works with adults and youth in these areas: common responses to trauma; breaking cycles of victimhood and violence; trauma interventions for individuals and communities; self-care for providers.

Personal Journey to Hope

Heggen, who has a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, shared some of her own experiences and own journey to find hope amid devastation. One of her experiences: After the devastating Asia tsunami, Heggen spent two and a half months near the epicenter of the quake, tending to survivors