Philosophy Prof to Probe Theology and Science

Dr. Nancey Murphey
Dr. Nancey Murphey

The Shenandoah Anabaptist Science Society at Eastern Mennonite University will sponsor a presentation by Dr. Nancey Murphey, "From Neurons to Politics – Without a Soul," 4 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 27, in Martin Chapel of the seminary building at EMU.

Dr. Murphy, a professor of Christian philosophy at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, Calif, will draw her remarks from her book, "Whatever Happened to the Soul: Scientific and Theological Portraits of Human Nature."

Murphy received a BA degree in philosophy and psychology from Creighton University, a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley and a ThD from from the Graduate Theological Union.

Her first book, "Theology in the Age of Scientific Reasoning" (Cornell, 1990), won the American Academy of Religion award for excellence and a Templeton Prize for outstanding books in science and theology. She is author of seven other books and co-editor of seven volumes.

Her research interests focus on the role of modern and postmodern philosophy in shaping Christian theology and on relations between theology and science.

She is on the board of directors of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences and former chair of the board.

Dr. William Hawk, professor of philosophy at James Madison University, and Dr. Myron Augsburger, EMU professor emeritus, will respond to Murphy’s presentation.

Refreshments will be served 15 minutes prior to the program. Admission is free.