Declining Numbers Fewer Foreign Students in Area

John M. DrescherAn international student from Kenya, works as a catering employee at Eastern Mennonite University.
Photo by Michael Reilly

by Jeff Mellott, Daily News-Record

Securing a student visa to study in the United States already was getting harder by the time foreign terrorists flew jet airliners into the World Trade Center in September 2001.

The now-even-tougher visa stance by the U.S. government is contributing to a decline in foreign students studying in this country.

Anne Nyambura, 35, of Kenya and Andile Dube, 21, of Zimbabwe have both noticed the trend.

They both reported little trouble in getting visas to study at Eastern Mennonite University, but the pair knew of others who were not as fortunate. “For most, it is not easy at all to get all the paperwork that you need to get into this country,” Dube said.

Some of Nyambura