Farewell, Dr. Medley!

Dear Students in Language & Literature,

On EMU’s 99th commencement day, I made final my decision to accept EMU’s offer of an early retirement package and at the same time accept the position of full-time parish administrator at the Church of the Incarnation (Anglican).  Because most students had left campus by that time, I was unable to say farewell to you and share some of my reasons for making this career shift.
The journey of my life has already taken several interesting twists and turns. After a long period of graduate training (1976-1983), in which it appeared that I was preparing to join the ranks of academia, I veered (following the leading of the Spirit) onto the route of mission service in Pakistan (1983-1994) with the Presbyterian Church (USA). During my service in Pakistan, my path also took several unusual twists alternating between administration and teaching. Returning to the US, I finally entered the professoriate, which eventually led me to EMU in 1999 as Intensive English Program director and then member and chair of the Department of Language & Literature. I treasure my 18 years at EMU and look with satisfaction on the role I was privileged to play influencing the lives of students and colleagues. Even if I made you squirm with discomfort in linguistics or grammar class, you may thank me for it later!
As I enter into this new stage in my career, I rejoice in the chance to exercise gifts of equipping and enabling to support the Church of the Incarnation and its ministry team in fulfilling its liturgical, pastoral, and missional responsibilities. If you wish, you may contact me through my EMU email or visit our church. We worship at 10 am on Sunday’s in our building at the corner of Liberty and Rock St, which also doubles as an art gallery, 292 N. Liberty.
R.Michael Medley, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of English and past chair
Language and Literature
Eastern Mennonite University