Google Apps Presentation at Staff Development Session, October 22

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Ben Beachy led an Information Systems presentation at an EMU Staff Development session on Tuesday, October 22, which described the implementation plan being developed to convert EMU’s email and calendar systems to Google Apps for Education.  The session began with a short set of slides which began with the statement “Microsoft fits EMU today but Google… Read more »

Google positions us for the future

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Information Systems recommends that EMU migrate to Google Apps for Education for email, calendar and collaboration services. President’s Cabinet and the Information Systems Planning Committee endorse this recommendation. Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 are industry leaders that set users’ expectations for email, calendar and collaboration software. Both Google and Microsoft offer free versions of… Read more »

Sophos Anti-Virus: issues from false virus detection

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Update 21 Sept 3:30pm: We have released a modified version of Sophos’ clean-up utility for students and home users: Sophos Fix . You do not need to run this on EMU-owned computers. Download the file and unzip it then right-click ‘Sophos Fix.cmd’ and ‘Run as Administrator’. Please send questions or comments to the Information Systems Helpdesk… Read more »

Phishing: Another Reminder – NEVER Give Away Your EMU Password!

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With several EMU email accounts having recently been compromised because the EMU mailbox owners were tricked into giving away their passwords, I feel I need to, again, remind the campus community that you should never, never, never give away your EMU password.  Did I mention NEVER? Email messages are being sent to email addresses… Read more »

Status Update – Microsoft Migration Project

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In 1995 EMU implemented its first campus-wide network using the Novell networking system.  At the time it was the most popular networking system in operation, particularly on college campuses.  Over time, Microsoft networking systems improved and by 2000 Microsoft became the predominant system used in commercial environments and colleges and universities also began migrating to… Read more »

Safe Internet Use: 101

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Criminals continue to develop increasingly clever ways to trick computer users into exposing their personal/confidential information, submitting their username and/or password, unknowingly downloading malicious programs onto their computers or falling for a money fraud scam.  This is yet another reminder for users to exercise caution, be skeptical and when in doubt, “don’t do it” –… Read more »

Good-bye Novell, Hello Microsoft

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Information Systems is undertaking a major systems change over the next year that will affect many of you at some point.  The successive versions of Novell NetWare software that EMU has used since the campus was networked in the 1990’s is being phased out in favor of Microsoft’s Active Directory and related products.  We anticipate… Read more »

Blackboard availability ends 15 May 2011

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Information Systems has selected 15 May 2011 as the last date of general Blackboard availability. We chose this date in collaboration with program directors and the Information Systems Planning Council (ISPC). It coincides with the end of faculty contracts for the 2010-11 Spring semester and precedes the beginning of many 2010-11 Summer classes. Faculty should… Read more »