Information Systems Policy Updated, Summer 2013

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Each year the Information Systems Planning Committee (ISPC) reviews the Information Systems Policy and considers any changes recommended by Information Systems leadership for approval.  Only one revision has been made this year to the policy manual, but it is significant and important for all EMU employees to understand.

Email Phishing Awareness Reminder

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Spamming and phishing are, unfortunately, a daily reality with email.  Information Systems deploys a number of resources to constantly filter incoming email to keep out the “bad stuff”.  However, the cleverness and veracity of the “bad guys” continues to escalate and, unfortunately, some of the bad stuff gets delivered to our email inboxes.

Collaboration: why we outsource email and calendar

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Information Systems recommends that EMU outsource email and calendar systems to either Google Apps for Education or Microsoft Office 365 for Education. Both systems provide more space, more capabilities and more opportunities for collaboration. We’re interested in faculty, staff and students’ opinions on this recommendation and on the choice of Google or Microsoft.

Changing your password annually

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Information Systems has begun enforcing annual password changes after a hiatus while we migrated to Microsoft’s Active Directory. You will receive notice to change your password within the next few months. The rest of this post contains further details about this. For many years the Information Systems department has required users to change their password… Read more »

Sophos Anti-Virus: issues from false virus detection

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Update 21 Sept 3:30pm: We have released a modified version of Sophos’ clean-up utility for students and home users: Sophos Fix . You do not need to run this on EMU-owned computers. Download the file and unzip it then right-click ‘Sophos Fix.cmd’ and ‘Run as Administrator’. Please send questions or comments to the Information Systems Helpdesk… Read more »

Test of EMU Alerts Systems – 24 MAR 2011

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On behalf of the Crisis Management Preparedness Team (CMPT) this coming Thursday Information Systems and Physical Plant personnel will conduct a test of the EMU Alerts systems. Here are the details describing the test: DAY/DATE/TIME OF TEST: Thursday, March 24, 2011, 9:10am SYSTEMS TO BE TESTED: Email message to Email message to everyone subscribed… Read more »