End of EMU Technology Era – Novell Shut Down May 29

& Faculty/Staff, Notices.

Next week marks the end of a technology era at EMU, with the final shutdown of our Novell servers.  Novell was the first networking system deployed at EMU in about 1994. For the better part of the last two years Information Systems has been planning and then implementing our migration from the Novell networking system to Microsoft Active Directory.  Much of the work for this has occurred behind the scenes, but occasionally we have notified the campus community of specific changes that would be visible.

Next Tuesday morning (May 29), prior to 8:00am, we will shut down the Novell servers.  This should be a “non-event” because we believe all of our systems’ dependencies on the Novell servers have been transitioned to our Microsoft servers.  However, this will be the first time the Novell servers will not be operating which could reveal a dependency we have not identified.  We are hopeful this will not be the case.

The Technology Services team, led by Jenni Piper, has been working steadily since January to upgrade all EMU-owned Windows computers from the XP version of Windows to Windows 7 which have no dependencies on Novell.  We believe there are only a few employees still using computers running XP and those users should have already been contacted by the Helpdesk to have their computer upgraded to Windows 7.

IMPORTANT: If you are using a Windows computer at the Harrisonburg, Lancaster or WCSC locations that is still running XP (if you login using a Novell dialog box, this would be you) and you expect to be able to login to the EMU network to access network drives (i.e. P, G, Z, etc) or EMU networked printers, you will not be able to login beginning Tuesday morning, May 29.  Please send an email to the Info Systems helpdesk (helpdesk@emu.edu) immediately so that we can make plans to provide you with a Windows 7 computer.

This has been a big project, requiring significant expertise and lots of sustained hard work by all members of the Information Systems team.  I am grateful for all the efforts the entire team. Kudos and thanks to everyone!