Jenzabar EX 3.8.4 Released

& Jenzabar EX Update.

Jenzabar released EX 3.8.4 on May 20.  It contains minor fixes and enhancements to the version currently in use.  Information Systems is not planning to install this release unless there is significant input from SIS users requesting it.  Please contact the Help Desk by July 1 regarding this release.

The Getting Started Guide for this release is located at:

Z:\SIS\EX\Jenzabar Updates and Tips\Version News releases\3.8.4\Getting_Started_Guide_for_Jenzabar_EX_3_8_4.pdf


Accounts Receivable

Two new tables added for backing up data when Student Charges are generated allowing for actual CG group deletion.


Separate Timecard” processing in EX Payroll allows the Payroll system to separately calculate taxes, deductions, and pay run related fringes related to a specific time entry for an employee.


Accounts Receivable
  • Preliminary Charges incorrectly updated Process flag and Charges Process was changed to update the Process Flag on Dropped Courses

Resolved Issues for EX

  • Opening the Maintain Location Master Window produced an Error if no Location Master Rows existed
  • Missed or Skipped Processes did not trigger a Notification
  • Modified Insert Trigger on SUBSID_MASTER
  • Using Computed Fields with an “AS” clause for E-Mail Merges caused Daily Procedure to fail
  • Registration Logic not honoring the Allow Waitlisting check box on the Courses window if Waitlisting is allowed
  • Create/Work with Snapshots: Collect Student Data process sometimes resulted in System Error

This issue is related to the way the code generates internally on some servers.

Student Life
  • Meeting Notes for Meeting History Rows associated with Session Activity Meetings did not display saved Data

Resolved Issues for JICS (myEMU)

CRM Faculty
  • Search by ISBN 10 or ISBN 13 not working in the Faculty Course Control portlet
CRM Student
  • Add/Drop Courses: Swap not honoring the Repeat Flag and Swap for Waitlisted Course results in an Overload
  • Add/Drop Courses: No Add check boxes for Coreq Courses if Course Limits for Groups exist on the Courses CRM/Web tab
  • Add/Drop Courses portlet: Swap Registration allowed a Course without a Drop check box to be dropped