July 2010

HOAX: Webmail Account Termination

& Phishing.

Information Systems is aware of a “phishing” scam targeting EMU faculty, staff and students. You may have received an e-mail purporting to be from “Webmail Support.” The e-mail claims we are deleting webmail accounts and asks you to respond with your username and password. This is a hoax! You should never provide your password to… Read more »

Certificate Change for Wireless Network

& Security.

A change to the digital certificate that’s used to secure EMU’s wireless network will require action from those who use it.  You will be required to accept a new certificate the next time you connect to EMU’s wireless network after 4 p.m. on July 29, 2010 (this does not affect WCSC or Lancaster locations).  This… Read more »

Jenzabar EX 3.7.3 Released

& Jenzabar EX Update.

Jenzabar released EX 3.7.3 on July 19.  The list of resolved issues follows, and represents a relatively small change from EX 3.7.2, which was installed earlier this month. Module Managers: Please contact the Help Desk if you have input on whether this update should be installed no later than Aug. 6. The next Information Systems… Read more »

EX 3.7.2 to be installed on Jul. 17

& Jenzabar EX Update.

Jenzabar released EX 3.7.2 on Friday, Jul. 9.  It contains additional bug fixes to 3.7.1 that had been scheduled for installation.  InfoSys will install EX 3.7.2 on Saturday, Jul. 17.  (Outage details.) Please contact the Help Desk if you have concerns or feedback. The Getting Started Guide for this release is available at: Z:\SIS\EX\Jenzabar Updates… Read more »

EX Upgrade on Jul. 17

& Jenzabar EX Update.

Our SIS will be upgraded on Saturday, July 17, to EX 3.7.1.  This update corrects several known problems.  Please refer to the previous posting for details about this release. A general-audience outage notification will be sent next week by e-mail with times and additional info. Please contact the Help Desk if you have input on… Read more »

Test of Information Systems Connection blog email integration

& Jenzabar EX Update.

This is a test of email integration between the Information Systems Connection blog and the sis_mgrs@emu.edu email listserve. We’re testing to ensure timely delivery of Jenzabar EX update notices. If this were a real Jenzabar EX update notice this email would contain information about the update. You can delete this test message. Thanks, Ben Beachy.

Jenzabar Has Released EX 3.7.1

& Jenzabar EX Update.

On the heels of EX 3.7, the 3.7.1 point release was made available to EX customers on Jun. 25. Because this release resolves problems that EMU SIS users are experiencing, we are likely to apply it at the next scheduled maintenance period on Jul. 17.

Information Systems values the input of SIS users. If you have information that supports either proceeding with, or skipping, this update, we want to hear from you. Please send an e-mail with the details to the Help Desk by Jul. 9. An posting that indicates whether or not this release will be applied, and its schedule, will be made shortly afterward.