August 2009

Support for Mobile Computing Devices

& Faculty/Staff.

Our User Services team is becoming aware that mobile computing devices are being acquired by EMU employees in rapidly increasing numbers. This article is intended to provide some insights into the challenge this presents to us and what we can/cannot do at the present time.

ID Card Amnesty

& Students.

There will be a period of ID Card Amnesty now until September 4th at 5:00pm. Students with damaged and broken ID cards can turn them in and have them replaced for free! Lost ID cards will be replaced for only $10. After September 4th the rate returns to $25 for lost, damaged or broken ID… Read more »

Office 2007 Install Prompt

& Faculty/Staff, Software installs & updates.

Microsoft Office 2007 has been available for some time for installation on EMU faculty/staff Windows computers via EMU Applications, but less than 40 computers have it installed. We’d like this number to be higher, as Microsoft now only offers limited support for Office 2003.

Info Systems Strategy for Office 2007

& Faculty/Staff, General.

Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows introduces the ribbon, a radically different user interface with a new menu system, contextual presentation of formatting options and live previewing of formatting changes. Since this new interface is a significant change, Information Systems has not required all users to upgrade. Instead users who want to use Office 2007 this… Read more »