January 2009

EX Session for Non-Specific Module AS400 Users

& General.

The formal EX training sessions (TT1-TT4) have concluded but we believe there are persons who use the AS400 “green screens” or access the ASS400 data with Excel or MS Access that have not been included in formal Jenzabar EX training sessions because they are not part of a department that has received formal EX module… Read more »

Jan 22 Test of EMU Emergency Notification System

& EMU Alerts Tests, Faculty/Staff, Notices, Students.

Shortly after 2pm on Thursday, January 22, Information Systems will be testing the EMU Emergency Notification System. This test will involve sending a test message via the following components of the EMU Emergency Notification System (EMU-ENS): E-mail to everyone-urgent@emu.edu: An e-mail message will be sent to this list which contains the @emu.edu e-mail addresses of… Read more »

Safer browsing by using visual cues

& Phishing, Security.

Internet scam artists have continued to refine their craft, making it difficult to tell whether entering private information into a web site is advisable. The information below is geared toward determining whether an EMU web page is legitimate, but can it can be generalized in most cases. To help distinguish legitimate pages from scams, consider… Read more »

EX Name and Address Policy Posted for Review

& General.

The following persons who represent departments who deal with name record creation have met periodically to discuss policy that will be used to administer name records in the new Jenzabar EX system. Cindy Smoker, Marcy Engle, Brenda Martin, Beverly Delp, BJ Gerber, Renee Leap, Rachel Smith, Kathy Smith, Elizabeth Lineweaver, Sam Sauder, Mike Stauffer Their… Read more »

Module Managers’ Meeting, Mon, January 12

& Team-EX Meetings.

Module Managers will meet on Monday, January 12 from 10:00-11:30am in University Commons 212 (north side of 211-212 room). There will be numerous topics for discussion as we look one month ahead to our February “go-live” date for Jenzabar EX.  Here is the list of agenda items (so far).  Please suggest others or raise questions… Read more »