April 2008

Module Managers – Individual EX Logins

& General.

Individual EX logins to the Jenzabar EX production database are now available for EX module primary and secondary managers. The login is the same as your Novell login. When you are ready to use your own login, send an email to HelpDesk@emu.edu and we will send you a temporary password. When you receive it, please… Read more »

Translation Tables: What Is Due When

& General.

December 2007: A copy of the TE database was saved off and sent to Jenzabar. April 21-25: For all columns Becky Brenneman has been notified are going to require translations, she is going to create half-filled translation tables (“xlat” tables) in SQL Server, with the codes found in the December data on the left or… Read more »

EX 2.8 Application Update

& General.

The EX 2.8 application should now be available to all initial EX users, except those in Lancaster, i.e. those who use Tserve to run applications at EMU.   To run the EX 2.8 application: 1) Open Start menu / Programs. 2) Open Jenzabar. 3) Open EX 2.0.   When the Jenzabar EX suite window comes… Read more »