February 2008

EX Support Links

& General.

Some have asked how to get into the links on the EX Support page (“EX Support” under “Utilities/Support” on the initial EX suite screen). Some of these links are available now and others will be made available later.   AVAILABLE NOW: Recognize a Jenzabar Associate for Excellence Jenzabar University Courses Jenzabar Listserv Page   TO… Read more »

TT2 Schedule Finalized

& Schedules.

Training Trip 2 (TT2) will officially begin on Tuesday, February 19. A total of 21 days of consulting will be provided by Jenzabar for all of the EX module groups. Human Resources (HR) has already had their two days of TT2 training that was specially scheduled on January 7 and 8. All sessions will be… Read more »